Meta Performance™ Leadership Coaching

We work with individual leaders to expand their influence and their impact.  By asking them powerful questions and challenging them to expand their vision, shift their mindset, empower their team, and model integrity, we help good leaders become great leaders.  We will champion you, challenge you, and care more about your success as a leader than anyone else has before.

Meta Performance™ Team Leadership Coaching

Our purpose-driven approach to team coaching is focused on helping teams collectively achieve impossible results. Teams that work with us are more resilient, effective, and cohesive. They get more done in less time and with more satisfaction.  In Meta Performance™ Leadership Coaching, we explore the organizational and relational systems that are slowing your team down and inhibiting results. Your team will become obsessed with growth, ownership, and integrity, leading to long-lasting transformation and a commitment to going beyond high performance.

Meta Performance™ Training

Companies that create impossible results through coaching with Novus Global can embed a coaching mindset in their organization’s culture through Meta Performance Management Training. Our most experienced coaches work with a curated group of passionate and influential leaders and teach them how to facilitate and encourage ongoing coaching conversations.   Through a blend of instruction, coaching, and active real-time feedback, we train top-level leaders to create a powerful GO LIVE coaching space that allows the company to consistently achieve unprecedented results.

Meta Performance™ Workshops

We create workshops relevant to your organizational leadership needs to empower your team to go beyond high performance. Our workshops cover topics like vision casting for your team and organization, taking your integrity to the next level, how to give and receive feedback that directly influences your team’s success, how to address your team’s gaps, and the things that are getting in your team’s way of success. To help your team transform into the leadership team they need to be in order to accomplish the set-out vision and objectives.