Executive Briefing Recording

How has your team fared throughout the Great Resignation?
If you’re like most other leaders, you’re wondering how to survive the labor crisis and keep your top talent from quitting the team. The answer is to find out what’s currently motivating your staff—and start tapping into the right motivations that will keep them engaged, loyal, and driven to give their best.

Watching this Executive Briefing featuring Novus Global executive coach Kristin Frade, you’ll gain in-depth insights that lead to:
› More Effective Leadership
› Powerful Incentives
› Higher Work Satisfaction
› Increased Employee Loyalty
› Reduced Turnover Rates

She unpacked the five motivations that form the basis of the 5i Assessment, a free tool (click here to take the assessment) that will help you appreciate what’s currently motivating you and whether it’s moving you beyond to get you where you want to go.