Individual Meta Performance™ Coaching

We work with individuals to help them explore what they’re capable of and design a future that thrills them. Then we help them create it. CEO’s, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, corporate executives, non-profit leaders, politicians, and rising stars have all achieved things they never believed were possible. We will champion you in ways that no one has ever championed you before. We help you gain clarity about how you might be getting in your own way, and then we will strategize with you on ways to get out of it. We will care about your integrity more than anyone else ever has cared about it before. You will develop a new mindset and you will transform into the person you need to be in order to succeed.

Meta Performance™ Leadership Coaching

We work with individual leaders to expand their influence and their impact.  By asking them powerful questions and challenging them to expand their vision, shift their mindset, empower their team, and model integrity, we help good leaders become great leaders.  We will champion you, challenge you, and care more about your success as a leader than anyone else has before. 

Meta Performance™ Group Coaching

Like individual coaching, group coaching is focused on helping people achieve things they never thought were possible.  Each member of a group receives individually focused attention, and then actively observes other members of the group being coached.  They create commitments during their individual coaching time, and then they apply the questions, insights, and noticings they have while watching others be coached to their own vision.

Meta Performance™ Workshops

Our workshops focus on helping individuals go beyond high performance. 

Workshops we offer include:

  • Vision Casting: For Your Life, Team, & Organization
  • Taking Integrity to the Next Level; Doing What you Say You’re Going to Do
  • The Power of Empowered Language
  • Leveraging Feedback to Achieve Success 
  • Addressing the Gaps between Vision and Reality 

Our workshops are designed with your transformation in mind, and we can customize the content to address your unique needs.