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The Meta Performance™ Institute for Coaching is a world-class entrepreneurial coaching certification program and exclusive community. The Institute is designed to empower you to become a person who is able to build a thriving coaching practice and gain the best foundation possible for pursuing coaching mastery.

Becoming a meta performance™ coach demands a bold and revolutionary program. Taught by the top 10% coaches in the world, this is the only entrepreneurial coaching program where you will build the skills necessary to create a thriving and sustainable coaching practice in real-time.

The number one differentiator from other coaching networks and certification programs is that you build a world-class coaching practice in real-time with all the administrative and development support to ensure it is sustainable and oriented toward growth.

Our coaches serve Fortune 500 executives, award-winning artists and entertainers, professional athletes, global nonprofits, and multi-billion dollar industries helping them go beyond high performance. Coaching at this level magnifies impact in the world. We are dedicated to training extraordinary coaches who are up for the challenge. Your investment is not simply for content, but for context. You are the content. Your coaching practice is the context.

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