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Can you go Beyond High Performance?

This ebook explores the depth of various questions that shape human performance, explains the challenges that come with high performance in sport and explores what athletes should be aiming for instead of high performance.

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All athletic performance is wrapped up in the questions different performers ask:

  1. Low-performers ask the question, “What’s the least amount of work or effort I can do and not get cut?” They don’t usually say this out loud, but it guides their behavior.
  2. Performers ask the question, “How can I do a good job?” These people don’t want to be horrible but they don’t want to be great either.
  3. High-performers ask the question, “How can I be the best?”Billions of dollars have been spent getting these high performers on to teams and even more to retain them. But at Novus Global we believe attracting and retaining high-performers is a mistake and doing so creates a predictable set of problems for teams and individual success. I know that may sound crazy but stick with us.


Most people think High Performance is Peak Performance. But they’re wrong. 


The Problem with High Performers:

  • They’re resistant to feedback (This is because any feedback threatens their identity as a high-performer).
  • They can become both simultaneously overwhelmed and bored. (Overwhelmed, because they feel like their plate is full. Bored, because they don’t feel like they’re growing.)
  • They develop resentment for other athletes/teammates that are not performing as well. (But do nothing to help them–because that would require growth.)
  • They get jealous of others who surpass them. (Sometimes unconsciously conspiring against other’s growth.)

What Comes After High Performance: Meta Performance

Meta Performers are committed to constantly exploring what they are capable of. To become meta performing, do these two things:
  1. Set goals that seem improbable or impossible to you.
  2. Set goals that are worth the cost of whatever it would take for you to grow to achieve them.

In short: create goals where you’re fully committed to paying the price to reinvent yourself and accomplish the impossible.