Shape Corp.

Annual Revenue:

$800 million




4 years

"Going into this, it was an experiment. We've never done anything like this before. We weren't sure how it was going to turn out? It far exceeded my expectations. From what I experienced personally, what I saw in the group, and what I see day to day in the company, as the changes take effect, has been incredible. I'm really happy with how you've helped us. Thank you for that. We're just getting started and we're working on a model to ensure it continues into 2021."
Mark White
Shape Corp. CEO

Client Challenge

Shape Corp. was looking for ways to renew confidence in management and leadership abilities. They envisioned a culture that is always exploring what they are capable of. While facing new challenges, they were focused on finding new methods for achieving them.


There was increased energy in both management and teams and a pivot toward thinking bigger and thinking through obstacles. There was a decrease in looking to others to solve problems and a renewed sense of proactivity. They experienced increased confidence and assertiveness—and an ability to take disappointing outcomes and pivot them to serve a greater vision. A shared language is being created around feedback, challenges, vision, results, etc.


Shape Corp. also reported the following measurable results:

They more than doubled their net income target.

Coaching Solution

After investing in training and individual coaching for many of their senior executives, those individuals opted to Novus Global’s Meta Performance™ Management Training. This program consisted of over 30 hours of training along with mentorship from Novus Global coaches. These individuals invested hours into growing their own ability to coach and transform culture through coaching their peers.


The key focus areas of our work:


  • Ensuring the coaching techniques felt natural to those being trained to coach and that there was evidence the language was embedding into their day-to-day approach. 
  • Increasing the team’s ability to point to a hard ROI based on achievement of outcomes.
  • Ensuring the team would rate the impact of the culture being created as a 5 out of 5.

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