Rockefeller Group

Annual Revenue:

$700 million +




3 years

Rockefeller Group is a private company based in New York City, primarily involved in real estate development, portfolio management and property operations throughout the United States. The company was founded in 1928 with the development of Rockefeller Center.

Client Challenge

Rockefeller Group was looking to accelerate growth in its primary business lines. The company benefits from a nearly 100-year track record in real estate development, but was not fully capitalizing on the growth potential of its brand or the capabilities of its teams.


There was a strong bias toward action throughout the leadership team. Individual team members benefited from increased confidence and assertiveness. There was an increased appetite and enhanced creativity around identifying leads and new opportunities. Timelines were shortened. The team began collaborating around a bigger vision for themselves and for the company. There was an increased level of ownership and movement toward looking within to solve problems. A shared language is being created around feedback, challenges, vision, results, etc.


Rockefeller Group also reported the following measurable results after 2020:


  • They beat their operating profit target by more than 50%.
  • They more than doubled their net income target.
  • They realized the most profitable single development project in the company’s history.
  • They doubled their pipeline of new development projects.

Coaching Solution

After speaking with Rockefeller Group’s executive leadership and team members, Novus Global designed three months and five months of group coaching. Teams met in groups of three for 60-minute sessions with a Novus Global coach. 


The key focus areas of coaching:


  • Movement from having an independent focus to having a team focus.
  • Functional growth in the area of  strategic delegation.
  • Enhanced emphasis on execution and results.
  • Ownership and accountability at every level of the organization.
  • A big picture mindset.
  • A more intentional organizational structure.

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