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We create Meta Performers.

What Is Meta Performance™?​

Ever notice how most people and teams hit a little below where they aim? This is because accomplishment comes with its own burden: the burden of discovering what comes next. This burden, like a magnet’s repellent force, pushes high performers away from the accomplishment. It’s what creates an experience that many feel but few articulate: avoiding the pain of success. And both of these psychological barriers—the arrogance of limited success and fear of the pain of success—are present but invisible and consequently harder to deal with in high performers and high-performing teams.


To overcome these challenges, you must become obsessed with a question few leaders ask: “What comes after high performance?”


If your team doesn’t have a clear and compelling answer to the question, “What comes after high performance?” then you have an unnecessary cap on the possibilities of your leadership and the impact of your organization.

This is where we introduce you to the idea of Meta Performance™. Not “meta” like “meta-data,” but “meta” as in “metamorphosis.” Like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. A meta-performer isn’t committed to being the best; a meta-performer is dedicated to constantly exploring capabilities.


individual coaching

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching geared toward specific and agreed-upon meta-performing results. Our coaches create an intentional, confidential space for individuals to discover how they might be getting in their own way. This trusted, strategic space and process is a powerful tool for growth.

team coaching

Team Coaching

Our work with teams explores the organizational and relational systems slowing your team down and inhibiting results. Your team will become obsessed with growth, ownership, and integrity, leading to long-lasting transformation and a commitment to going beyond high performance. Often multiple Novus Global coaches will come alongside numerous team members from client organizations.



Workshops are designed according to a team's unique needs and address topics such as vision-casting, leveraging feedback to achieve success, the power of empowered language, and gaps between vision and reality. Workshops typically run 1-2 hours, are highly customizable, and together we actively workshop the Meta Performance™ tools and concepts. These are hosted both in person and virtually.



Training sessions are intensive, highly structured, two-day in-person or four-day virtual sessions. These immersive experiences provide the foundation for our executive coaching services, introducing teams to the concept of Meta Performance™. Training can be a standalone event or anticipate longer-term coaching relationships.

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