| Star of Amazon series “Upload” and accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Allo discusses moving to the states from West Africa and the steps that led her to finding success as a performer. Novus Global coach Jason Jaggard and Andy talk about failing forward, the power (and responsibility) that comes with being aware of your natural gifts, why serving and empowering others opens up possibilities, and how practicing her skills and putting in the reps enabled Andy to seize an unexpected, career-making opportunity that arose at an afterparty when Prince invited her to sing with him onstage. Andy shares fascinating stories from working on TV shows and in Prince’s band and what she learned from the unconventional methods he used to push his band members to improve, grow and level up to Meta Performance™.


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Upload on Amazon Prime Video, starring Andy Allo & Robbie Amell

The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Institute

Guest info

Andy Allo is a Cameroonian born actor turned director who is truly paving her own path that is uniquely her own. She is currently starring as the lead female, ‘Nora’, in the Amazon Prime series “Upload” from Greg Daniels (The Office). Having spent over a decade in front of the camera, Andy has taken on a new role, behind the camera, as writer and director.


She has adapted a NYT Bestseller, Blended, for the screen, and completed her first short film, Alice, which she wrote and directed. 


In addition to acting, writing and directing, Andy is a successful musician and singer. She released her first album, UnFresh, in 2009 and two years later, joined Prince’s New Power Generation as a singer/guitarist and worked with the legend on her sophomore album, Superconductor. Most recently, Andy released a single, Angels Make Love, with a powerful LGBTQ music video produced by Lena Waithe. Andy has toured internationally and nationally as a headliner and opening act and can be seen on Jimmy Kimmel and Guitar Center Sessions.


Andy is a true multi-hyphenate. “We knew she’d be leading her own revolution soon,” adds Prince. Indeed, that soon is now.