| Indecisiveness can feel strangely comfortable to us. We sometimes use it to justify our inaction because taking action and making bold choices requires vulnerability; it can lead to disappointment or failure or looking bad. Novus Global coach Johan Martinez-Khalilian talks with his client Matthew “MoJo” Jones about how to decide which career(s) to pursue and founding his podcast production company, Rainbow Creative, and becoming profitable all during the pandemic. They discuss the temptation of jumping to the next shiny thing, letting go of control, the pitfalls of too much choice, and how self-love was key in Matthew’s decision to start his business. At the end of the episode Matthew makes yet another big decision. We hope you enjoy this conversation about decision-making, courage, and being more committed to your vision than to your fear.


This interview originally aired on From the Future, With Love.


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Guest info

Founder & Senior Producer Matthew “MoJo” Jones has 10+ years of sales, content creation, marketing, and business development at Disney, WeWork, Apple, and Mindspace.


As a filmmaker his films have earned him a Director’s Guild of America Student Film Award, have premiered on National TV with BET & Aspire Network, and played at film festivals worldwide.


He launched Rainbow Creative in 2018, a community of top-tier creators in Podcast, Video, and Film production. He thrives in a fast-paced environment, is a self-starter, and full of creative ideas.