| Small business owner Paulina Korzekwa changed countries, continents and careers after discovering, through coaching, that self-sabotage and limiting beliefs were impeding her performance. Paulina shares about feeling lost and purposeless when she first sought out coach Rosanna Tomiuk five years ago and going on to found a successful bakery and achieve lofty profit targets amid a pandemic and a pregnancy. Paulina says Rosanna challenging her assumptions and shining a light on some uncomfortable truths initially made her angry, but ultimately is what helped her make needed changes in her life. Learn what Paulina discovered about negative thinking, self-sacrifice and integrity in this emotional and hopefully inspiring conversation.



Paulina’s Vegan/Gluten-Free bakery, Audacieuse Vanille:

IG: @audacieusevanille

Ikigai and The Four P’s (Purpose, Profit, Problems, Passion)

Guest info

Paulina Korzekwa is a self taught vegan and gluten-free pastry chef who currently lives in Montreal. 


She’s a founder of pastry store Audacieuse Vanille, specializing in creating vegan and gf desserts. Her focus is the pleasure principle: food offering an ultimate sensory experience. 


She studied sociology and culture studies in London, England where she lived for 10 years before moving to Canada. She gets inspired by her Polish roots, literature and trips to create an ever-changing menu.