You’re reading this because someone I’ve worked with has sent you my way.


That means they believe in you and would deeply enjoy watching you create even greater success in the things that truly matter to you.


You should know that I love my clients. They inspire me with their courage and desire to go beyond high performance. No leader can do that alone, which is why I care about their community, their families, their friends and their colleagues.

And since you’re reading this, that’s you.


So I’m excited and honored to be able to invest some of my time into your life. My commitment to you is to serve you powerfully with the time we have. 


The kind of coaching I do isn’t about content or insights, it’s about creating a context for you to become the kind of person who goes beyond what you currently think is possible.  


I look forward to creating that space with you, if only for a moment. 


Committed to your success, once you fill out this brief form and select a time and are confirmed with my client to be who you say you are (people on occasion have lied about knowing my clients) you’ll receive an email from my office with instructions on how to make the absolute most of our time together.


I want to invite you to read that email thoroughly and take it as seriously as you’d take anything else in your life that you love.

My initial thought when I first talked with Jason was “I don’t need this.”  That quickly changed after our first session. I knew minutes into talking with Jason that this was going to be unlike anything I had previously experienced. Quite simply I am thinking and acting bigger than ever before, both professionally and interpersonally. This isn’t simply a “feel good about yourself” journey, this is an experience rich with actionable steps and tangible outcomes, and I’ve gotten a great return on my investment.
Mark Jordan
Managing Principal, VERCOR