Rockefeller Group is an American private company based in New York City, primarily involved in real estate operations in the United States and it is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Estate Co. The company began with the development of Rockefeller Center.

Annual Revenue: $500 Billion

Number of Employees: 500

Novus Global client for: 2 years


Rockefeller was looking for ways to renew confidence in organizational abilities. They were facing new challenges and were focused on finding new methods for achieving them.


After speaking with Rockefeller’s executive leadership and members of the team, Novus Global designed 3 months and 5 months of group coaching. The Rockefeller teams met in groups of 3 for 60-minute coaching sessions with a Novus Global coach. The key focus areas of the coaching:

  • Empowering the individual to move from being more singularly focused to team focused 
  • Empowering the individual to grow in the area of masterful delegation Increasing ability to execute
  • Shifting ownership to the individuals and team
  • Increasing the ability to see the big picture
  • Supporting individuals to build out a more intentional organizational structure and succession plan


There was a strong bias towards action. An energy of peace came over their leadership. The XXXX Region was the most productive region in 2020. Individuals settled into finding a place within the company with increased confidence and assertiveness. There was an increased appetite for gathering leads and securing deals. Timelines were shortened. There was increased energy amongst the team on what they imagined possible and they began pivoting towards thinking towards the bigger vision and through obstacles. There was an increased level of ownership, in looking within to solve problems. A shared language is being created around feedback, challenges, vision, results, etc.

Rockefeller Group also had the following measurable results:

  • Beat their operating profit target by more than 50%.
  • They more than doubled their net income target.
  • They realized the single most profitable development project in the company’s history, earning over $120M.
  • Doubled their pipeline of new deals from $1.5B to nearly $3B.

If you’re a leader, by definition your job is to innovate. Leaders take us into a future that is different than the one we’re in today

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