The Power and Impact of Purpose

What advantages do purpose-driven companies have over others?

Numerous studies point to the health-related benefits of individual purposefulness. One study observed that possessing a high sense of purpose could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). One possible pathway to reducing CVD occurs as an individual’s psychological and social resources are strengthened to provide a person greater margin against the toxic effects that overwhelming stress has on the cardiovascular system.

Other studies pointed to the link between purpose in life and positive health outcomes such as fewer chronic conditions, less disability, and reduced mortality. The researchers noted that increased purpose in life provides greater intrinsic motivation to adopt health-related behaviors leading to improved health.

Beyond these positive health outcomes, an increased sense of purpose also improves an individual’s experience in the workplace. This is partly because there’s an alignment between a person’s sense of purpose and work that truly matters to them—this particularly applies to companies that are more purpose-driven. For example, many employees report higher levels of satisfaction in their jobs when working for a purpose-driven organization. In a recent report, EY Global offers that “truly integrating purpose into strategic, daily decisions and actions is a critical part of attracting, motivating and retaining key staff”

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