What Motivates People

What Motivates People

This white paper will give you a framework for of how to interpret and understand the drivers that motivates you and your team the most.

Too often we are unaware of what is motivating us and others. Ignoring our own motivations leads to choices we regret and – later – lives we wish looked altogether different. Being blind to the motivations of others keeps us from creating win-win relationships. This is all avoidable if we know what to pay attention to and have the courage to act upon what we discover.


Motivation stems from desire. And our desires are in a wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) flux. Our desires are the expression of what we fear and what we think will give us pleasure. We are suggesting 5 types of motivators. And instead of asking “AM I MOTIVATED BY THIS?” we encourage you to ask “WHERE HAVE I BEEN MOTIVATED BY THIS?”. the 5 types of motivators we explore in this paper are:



People whose primary motivator is impact are motivated by making a difference. This can be either a deep impact with few people, or having a wide impact with a lot of people. 


People whose primary motivator is income are motivated by money. They enjoy the security and creativity that comes with resources and are willing to sacrifice other values to create that security. 


People whose primary motivator is independence are motivated by their own sense of freedom and autonomy. They value self-governance and often gravitate towards contractor or consultant roles.


People whose primary motivator is integrity are motivated by the natural expression of who they see as their truest self. Their desire is for their work to reflect who they feel they are at their core. 


People whose primary motivator is intimacy are motivated by close, authentic relationships. They gravitate towards small companies or teams and enjoy cultivating trust and camaraderie with others.

Take the 5i Assessment

The 5i Assessment is designed to help you identify what is currently motivating you and to examine if that motivation is taking you where you want to go.



This is different from other assessments in that we’re not trying to tell you “who you are.” This isn’t a deep look into your soul, as much as people would like it to be. You are far too complex for that. This is simply one lens to help you create from.