| Grammy award-winning film and television composer, Mateo Messina, shares about his path to becoming a composer, from working in e-commerce, to writing albums in the middle of the night, to becoming in-demand in Hollywood – all without anyone asking him to or giving him permission. You’ll hear about the near-death experience that rearranged his relationship with pursuing his dreams, granting himself permission to be audacious. Jason and Mateo discuss the intersection of doing what you love and helping others, his heart for volunteerism, entrepreneurship in art, and ultimately: the relentless nature of not knowing what you can’t do.


Guest info

Mateo Messina is a Grammy winning composer who writes music for film, television, and the symphony. 


His signature sound can be found on many of today’s Oscar winning movies and independent film hits alike. The beauty of unfamiliar sounds becoming musical is one of Mateo’s unique and sought after talents. 


With his studio nestled between Universal & Warner Brothers in Toluca Lake, Mateo and his team deliver a unique style of filmscore. 


His style is curiously familiar and always interesting, his energy is limitless, and his creativity knows no bounds.


Also, since the age of 23, Mateo has written, produced, and premiered over 21 symphonies. Each premiere has been a benefit concert for Seattle Children’s Hospital. To date, he and his team have raised over $2,000,000 for these kids and their families. Mateo is an accomplished writer, a unique storyteller, a seasoned producer, a dependable man of his business, a dreamer & a doer, and one of Hollywood’s most innovative composers.