What motivates you? What drives you?

In any given moment, why do you choose what you choose? And how can you design your life around the things that motivate you most?


That’s what this assessment is about.


The 5i Assessment is designed to help you identify what is currently motivating you and to examine if that motivation is taking you where you want to go.

How the 5i Assessment works

This 5i Assessment is designed to be the beginning of a conversation about what is motivating you in this season, not the end of a conversation about who you are forever. This assessment is presented in a user-friendly interface to give you some insights into what drives and motivates you.


Take this simple assessment to gain insight into your primary motivator.


Instantly get your results and unique score map of all your motivators. 


Download your detailed score sheet to learn how to maximize your motivators

Assessment Information

Format: 16 questions


Time to complete: 10 minutes



This is different from other assessments in that we’re not trying to tell you “who you are.” This isn’t a deep look into your soul, as much as people would like it to be. You are far too complex for that. This is simply one lens to help you create from.


We have developed this white paper to give you a framework for how to interpret the results of your assessment.

Too often we are unaware of what is motivating us and others. Ignoring our own motivations leads to choices we regret and – later – lives we wish looked altogether different. Being blind to the motivations of others keeps us from creating win-win relationships. This is all avoidable if we know what to pay attention to and have the courage to act upon what we discover.


Identifying What Motivates You the Most

In this podcast episode of On Coaching, our Novus Global coaches Jason Jaggard, Janet Breitenbach, Dan Leffelaar, and Rosanna Tomiuk discuss how the assessment was created, how to apply its results to your life, and the ways the five key motivators interact with each other.

The coaches share advice for people who don’t quite know what they’re motivated by and discuss how to create synergy among as many motivators as possible to create optimal fulfillment in life.

Do you know what motivates your team?

Does the idea of understanding your team’s motivators sound interesting or exciting to you?

We’d love to connect you with a coach to explore a team assessment. Imagine what all 5 motivations, fully alive, might do for your team, your organization and the goals you want to achieve.


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