Building a Leadership Toolkit with Will Trapp

This episode comes to you from the team at Novus Global Sport. Coaches Johan Martinez-Khalilian and Dan Leffelaar, alongside MLB agent Matt Hannaford, interviewed Defensive Midfielder for MLS’ Minnesota United FC, Will Trapp. 

While honing his physical gifts on his way to becoming a professional athlete – Will realized his toolbelt also needed to be equipped with the ability to handle the mental challenges along the way. Will outlines his wealth of skills built over time with the aid of Novus Coaching, and how those skills are absolutely essential to being a successful professional in any industry. 

We had such a great conversation with Will, we pitched making him a full-time host! We hope you enjoy the show. 

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This podcast is produced by Rainbow Creative with Matthew Jones as Senior Producer, Producer Stephen Selnick, and Drew MacPowell as Editor and Audio Engineer. 

*Novus Global Sport is a division of Novus Global

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