How to Become (or Find) a World Class Mentor with Scott Miller

META PERFORMANCE SHOW | In this episode, Jason Jaggard sits down with Scott Miller,  author of 7 books, a global keynote speaker, and host of multiple podcasts, including C-Suite Conversations & FranklinCovey’s podcast On Leadership with Scott Miller

They talk about Scott’s 26-year journey with the same company, FranklinCovey, and he shares his secrets for success in building a long, sustainable and fruitful career. In their conversation, they explore how Scott overcame a speech impediment to become a renowned public speaker, why his network is one of his most guarded possessions, and his evolution as a writer leading to his newest book “The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship” (available wherever books are sold). Scott is hilarious, vulnerable and super insightful. 

We hope you enjoy the show.


Scott was raised in Central Florida and began his leadership journey early as the student body president of his high school where he fell in love with politics. After working on numerous local, state, and national political campaigns, Scott joined the Disney Development Company where he was part of the team that designed and built the famed city of Celebration, Florida (Walt Disney’s original vision for EPCOT Center).

Recruited by Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s team, Scott built a 26-year career in the world’s most respected and influential leadership development firm serving in nearly every role imaginable. Scott’s professional roles evolved as he became a multi-bestselling author, radio and podcast host, leadership coach, columnist, and global keynote speaker. 

Scott currently serves as the Special Advisor on Thought Leadership for the Franklin Covey Company and is the host of their weekly podcast series, On Leadership with Scott Miller. Scott also hosts FranklinCovey’s monthly book club on which debuted in April 2021. Additionally, Scott is the prolific author of numerous books, writes a column for Inc. Magazine, and keynotes for clients around the world.

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