Reinvention + The Awareness of Choice

ON COACHING | When we experience internal misalignment or external challenges out of our control, what we can control is perspective. We have the opportunity to see these circumstances not as happening to us, but for us. Reinvention begins with the awareness of that choice. Executive coaches David Gerber, Deb Foy, Kristin Frade and Rosanna Tomiuk talk about how to identify when reinvention can serve you, overcome fear of discomfort and perception by others, and channel the commitment, energy and vision to see reinvention through. The coaches explore identity, regret, belief systems, non-visions, operating out of panic versus clarity, and they share personal stories of their own reinventions amid job loss, divorce and other personal and professional obstacles.

• The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Tri
umph by Ryan Holiday

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