The Holiday Bonus Episode: Family Dynamics, Connection + Grief

Navigating the holidays: three segments with Novus Global coaches Amanda Jaggard, Chris North, Dan Leffelaar and Johan Martinez-Khalilian.

1. Family Expectations + Agreements
The holidays can bring about both joy and immense pressure…demands for your time; high expectations from your kids; managing finances, travel, or sensitive family dynamics. Amanda shares insights from her various lenses over the years–single, married, divorced, before children, after children, and through lifestyle changes. She and the team detail three specific tools to use to set you and your family up for success during the holidays and beyond.

2. Cultivating Connection
Why do we gather? For many of us, a desire for connectedness is at the root of the holiday tradition; yet meaningful connection sometimes gets overshadowed by a sense of burden and obligation. The group discusses this common disconnect and how to realign. Chris explores divisiveness, tension, curiosity, and why it is so beneficial to approach gatherings with a posture of “listening to understand, rather than speaking to be right.”

3. Grief + Loss
It’s natural to feel grief more deeply during the holidays, a time when we’re expected to be happy. Johan, Dan and the team share personal stories about their own experiences with grief. They address different types of loss that people face–death, divorce, unemployment, the loss of an expectation (“Why don’t I have a family yet?”)–and how to create space for both sorrow and joy to coexist.

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