The Journey from Canceled to Redemption with Pat Chambers

This episode comes to you from the team at Novus Global Sport. Coaches Johan Martinez-Khalilian and Dan Lefellaar, alongside MLB agent Matt Hannaford, interviewed Florida Gulf Coast University’s Men’s Basketball coach Pat Chambers. 

In this episode, Pat discusses how he found himself in unfamiliar and uncertain territory after resigning from the head coach position at Penn State University. In our conversation, he dives into how he navigated those waters utilizing a coach of his own, ultimately beating uncertainty and finding his way back to coaching a Division 1 program again. 

Pat, Johan, Dan and Matt weigh being prepared vs being perfect, and how failure is ultimately an opportunity for growth rather than an overall statement of character.  Pat’s story is a powerful reminder, if you put love and passion into pursuing your goals – they are never out of reach.

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