Trust: Unlocking PERFORMANCE with Dr. Henry Cloud

META PERFORMANCE SHOW | In this episode of the Meta Performance Show, Jason Jaggard sits down with bestselling author (20 million copies sold and counting), leadership expert, and clinical psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud. After building and operating a successful healthcare company, Dr. Cloud has devoted his time to leadership and executive coaching, spreading principles of hope and life-change through his speaking, writing, and media. With thirteen books on life and leadership, Dr. Cloud has helped more than 150 million leaders increase performance and build culture around them.

In today’s conversation, Dr. Cloud gives us a deep exploration into the subject matter of his newest book, Trust: Knowing when to give it, when to withhold it, how to earn it, and most importantly, how to fix it when trust is broken. We also explore the secret ingredient to all growth, what young leaders need to do to maximize their opportunity for success, and the difference between being tired and being burnt out. And finally, we leave some time at the end, and Dr. Cloud graciously answers some questions from our Executive Coaches at Novus Global as well as a few of our clients and friends. 

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