Agreements vs. Expectations: Why People Don’t Do What You Want and What To Do About It

ON COACHING | In this episode of On Coaching, Novus Global Partner and Executive Coach Janet Breitenbach is joined by her colleagues; Associate Partner Kristin Frade, Senior Partner and Executive Coach Jon Roberts, and Associate Partner Jean-Marie Jobs. 

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by something you wanted to happen not coming to fruition? When you step back from that frustration, have you ever become aware that you have expectations that haven’t been clearly communicated? If you’re curious to get out of that cycle, this will be a great episode for you. In today’s episode, the team dives into a helpful distinction between expectations and agreements, what they actually are and are not, how to know when your expectations are creating frustration and resentment, and how to get you and your team out of expectation and into creating more clear agreements. 

If you’re looking to build a meta performing team and culture or to explore the next level of growth for yourself, learning to identify your expectations and turning them into powerful agreements is a massively important step in that process. 

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