The Power of Coaching to Achieve Goals Faster with Dr. Portia Yarborough

YOUR FINEST HOUR | In this episode of Your Finest Hour, Novus Global Chief People and Product Officer David Miller is joined by Chief Science Officer of Michelman Inc, Dr. Poria Yarborough and her Novus Coach, Deb Foy. 

In today’s conversation, they dive into how Portia has completely transformed her mindset around limiting beliefs to become an influential and authoritative leader in her current role, through her coaching experience. Portia shares her journey of being connected to Deb by responding to an email on a whim, the mantras she carries with her every day, and how she views her role as more than just a job, but an invitation to be a good ancestor and impact future generations. 

Coaching is such a private experience… It can be difficult to know what it’s like, who does it, and how they are creating results. So, we’re giving you a sneak peek into how Portia utilizes coaching to grow as a leader and go Beyond High Performance.

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