Bonus Episode: Imposter Syndrome, Signs of Burnout + How Wellness Influences Leadership, with Jo Saxton

Bonus Episode: Specific signs of burnout, therapy, the importance of rest in leadership, unconscious competence, and invincibility vs. imposter syndrome are all explored in this compelling, wellness-and-leadership-focused conversation between entrepreneur, author, and leadership coach Jo Saxton and Novus Global’s Jason Jaggard. “When we rest we are better thinkers, better creatives, better leaders, and our relationships are certainly healthier,” says Jo. “Rest is our starting point and it’s completely counterintuitive in the western world.” This Bonus Episode comes from The Global Leadership Podcast.


Novus Global is a tribe of elite executive coaches who work with Fortune 500 Companies, Professional Athletes, World Renowned Artists and Business Leaders to create lives, teams and companies that go beyond high-performance.

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