Bonus Episode: Your Ego Is Not Your Enemy, a TedX Talk with David Gerber

What forces are you wrestling inside your mind in this season of your life? Ego, anxiety, self-criticism, imposter syndrome, fear of failure? In this 2021 TedX talk, Novus Global coach David Gerber shares how he learned to relate to his “dragons” within. He shares how he spent energy battling his ego for years–like a boxing opponent–until he learned to reinterpret it, instead, as a sparring partner. David asks the audience to reflect on their own inner dragon and see that it is not your enemy, but rather an ally there to train you, help you grow, make you stronger.

“What if the point of life is not to slay your dragons, but to dance with them?” –Philosopher Joseph Campbell


Ten Percent Happier by Dan Harris

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