Meeting Performance Demands When your Bosses are Walt Disney + Steve Jobs, with Animator Floyd Norman + Illustrator Adrienne Brown

META PERFORMANCE SHOW | Disney/Pixar power couple Floyd Norman (animator) and Adrienne Brown-Norman (illustrator) speak on their crafts and working on iconic animated films, including Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians, Mary Poppins, Toy Story, and Monster’s Inc. The first African American artist at Disney, Floyd worked with legends Walt Disney, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and Steve Jobs (at Pixar) and shares about getting “chewed out” when he didn’t meet the extremely demanding performance standards. The pair also talk about the importance of commitment when you want to excel in a competitive industry and the magic that is Disney cartoons.

Norman’s life story is told in greater detail in the award-winning feature documentary “Floyd Norman:  An Animated Life” available on Bluray with bonus features at

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