Coaching to Grow PROFIT and PASSION with Reid Hutchison and Tammy Faber

YOUR FINEST HOUR | Welcome to Your Finest Hour, a series of interviews going behind the scenes with world class leaders, teams and their coaches on how to make the most out of coaching, and life. Today David Miller, Chief Expansion Officer at Novus Global, is joined by not one, but two individuals who have experienced this impact – Reid Hutchison and Tammy Faber of HoH Water Technology along with one of their executive coaches, Deb Foy.

Often we are talking with individuals about the impact of coaching but today we are looking at the impact coaching is having on their team as a whole. 

In today’s episode, we explore HoH’s history with Novus Global’s coaching and how it has impacted their company culture. We discuss what we mean by the phrase “the wrestle” and why it’s so important in our coaching work. We also explain how to navigate the traps of high performance, and the overall effect they’ve experienced as a result of coaching that ripples throughout their entire company to this day. 

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