How Coaching Can Save You MILLIONS with Chris Ramsey

YOUR FINEST HOUR | On this episode of Your Finest Hour, Novus Global Chief Expansion Officer David Miller sits down with Senior Vice President of Operations at Denso, Chris Ramsey, and his Novus Global Executive Coach, Deb Foy. 

DENSO, and Chris, are driven by two missions: Carbon Neutrality and Zero Traffic Fatalities by 2025. I think you’ll agree those are huge goals, and Chris is a walking testament to the work and dedication that is being put into those causes every single day. I’ve seen it myself as I had the opportunity to tour one of their facilities and train a portion of their team

This is a unique episode, as Chris not only took advantage of an executive coach for himself, but then made the decision to spread the gift of coaching through his entire team. And if you’re looking for tangible results, Chris credits this move for eliminating unnecessary overtime on his team in just six months saving DENSO millions. It’s an example in a long list of incredible results Chris and his team created, we can’t wait for you to hear it.

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