How Coaching Helped a Creator + Influencer Grow his BBQ Channel on YouTube with Steve Gow

YOUR FINEST HOUR | In this episode of Your Finest Hour, Novus Global executive coaches Janet Breitenbach and Dr. Randy Poon interview Steve Gow and explore what coaching has taught him. Steve is a full-time influencer, creator, and host of his own YouTube channel, Smoke Trails BBQ. 

Over five months of coaching, Steve went from 30k viewers and an output of 1 video/month to 50k viewers and growing with a streamlined process that allows for 1 video/week, a Patreon account, as well as his founding of a YouTube mastermind group with other creators. His channel now has over 75K subscribers and growing.

Our hosts explore the impact of coaching and how aiming high gets you a lot closer to your lofty goals than if you set an easy goal. We dig into excuses and how they benefit us, how to get control of your destiny, and more.

Steve began his career in the Canadian Armed Forces, serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan. When he returned, he went to law school and worked as a corporate lawyer at an international law firm. He then transitioned careers to sales & marketing, starting his own business in e-commerce for original artwork and then transitioning to B2B software and SaaS marketing as the director of sales and marketing for Renoworks Software. After many years of building his youtube business, he made the leap in 2022 to full-time self employment as a Youtube video creator.  

Watch Steve’s meat-smoking videos on YouTube:

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