How She Accomplished her 10-Year Plan in 18 Months, with Payandeh Ekrami

YOUR FINEST HOUR | For those questioning the value of coaching or how it’s different from therapy, listen to guest Payandeh Ekrami’s story of her initial doubts about getting a coach and the results that changed her mind, including significant returns that helped her purchase a home in San Francisco. She discusses expressing emotion in the workplace, particularly as a female leader in a male-dominated industry; how she finds coaching and therapy to be complementary; and the importance of being aligned in approach with your coach. Interviewed by Novus Global coach Amanda Jaggard, Payandeh and her coach David Gerber engage in a fun and illuminating conversation about dreaming the impossible, an unexpected outcome of feedback, and the distinction between soul-line coaching and goal-line coaching. Payandeh and David recount a strong point of resistance they experienced in coaching (which they still don’t agree upon) and Payandeh emphasizes the importance of showing up to sessions with an open heart, even if you feel too overwhelmed to have an open mind.

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