Invest in Your CAUSE by Investing in YOU with Jessica Verplank

YOUR FINEST HOUR | In this episode of Your Finest Hour, President of the Meta Performance Institute for Coaching Joseph King Barkley sits down with Deputy Director of Colorado Springs Non-Profit Kids on Bikes Jess Verplank, and her Executive Coach Melissa Caddell. 

Kids on Bikes is a nonprofit organization that works to create community and empower all kids to lead healthy, active and happy lives through riding bikes. In today’s conversation, we talk about why Jess made the choice to invest in herself by hiring a coach, why that is so rare, yet so game-changing in service-oriented work, and all of the immense positive change Jess and the entire Kids on Bikes team has experienced as a result. Non-Profit is a demanding, draining, yet immensely fulfilling world to be in – Jess’ story is an acknowledgement that you are never too far away from the place you want to be. 

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