Starting + Selling a Thriving Business in 6 Years, with Michael Cioni

META PERFORMANCE SHOW | What are the two most important characteristics of every successful entrepreneur? Michael Cioni, film entrepreneur and Global SVP of Innovation at billion-dollar company, brings us a trove of anecdotes and insights on starting, leading, and selling a booming business. He walks us through how he founded post-production studio Light Iron out of his apartment during “the worst time economically but the best time technologically” and sold it to Panavision less than six years later. He shares his perspective on recruiting the right employees, failing up, positivity bias, adapting your communication style for different types of audiences, and “being comfortable being uncomfortable.”

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• Outliers: The Story of Succ
ess by Malcolm Gladwell
• The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Differ
ence by Malcolm Gladwell

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