A Sports Agent’s Map for Success, with Matt Hannaford

YOUR FINEST HOUR | Sports agent Matt Hannaford talks about the future of sports agencies, the free agent model, entrepreneurship, and the prevalence of self-doubt and isolation among pro athletes. Matt advocates for restructuring a historically toxic industry and praising competitors for good work and he defines success in his field as empowering and equipping players with the right information and education so to make agents one day obsolete. He poses the question: Are you truly happy if you’re only looking out for yourself? Interviewed by Dan Leffelaar, Matt speaks with his coach, Jason Jaggard, about their coach-client relationship and the discomfort when Jason asks Matt pointed questions that force him to be held accountable.

• A Whole Different Ball Game: The Sport and Business of B
aseball by Marvin Miller
• Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organiz
ation by Dave Logan, John King & Halee Fischer-Wright

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