The Difference Between Therapy + Coaching, with Dr. Regina Chow Trammel

ON COACHING | Therapy and coaching – what’s the difference and do you need both? This is one of the most common questions prospective coaching clients ask. Psychotherapist Dr. Regina Chow Trammel helps analyze therapy and executive coaching side by side, along with Novus Global coaches Jason Jaggard, David Gerber and Amanda Jaggard. The coaches share their personal and candid experiences with therapy and Dr. Trammel speaks to how therapy has evolved since the 1970s, the “grief of success,” and how you know when you are healed from an experience. Hear why the group advocates for both therapy and coaching practices, rather than either/or, and explain how the two work synergistically.

• A Counselor’s Guide to Christian Mindfulness: Engaging the Mind, Body and Soul in Biblical Practices and Ther
apist by Regina Chow Trammel & John Trent

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