Two-Time Stanley Cup Winner, Andrew Ladd – Building a Legacy Through Adversity

This episode comes to you from the team at Novus Global Sport. Executive Coaches Dan Leffelaar and Johan Martinez – Khalilian, alongside MLB agent Matt Hannaford, interview Andrew Ladd, 2-time NHL Champion and Founder of 1616.

In this episode, Andrew outlines how an injury turned into not only a turning point in his playing career, but a catalyst for major change in re-sparking passion in his life. One result of this spark is 1616, a non-profit focused on educating thousands of young hockey players with mental health skills to aid them in challenges on and off of the ice. 

Andrew, Dan, Johan, and Matt discuss Andrew’s journey back to the NHL playing his 1000s game and how coaching gave him the tools he needed to re-establish his feeling of purpose.

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