From Garage to $1.2 BILLION Business with Jamie Kern Lima

META PERFORMANCE SHOW | On this episode of the Meta Performance Show, Jason Jaggard welcomes New York Times Bestselling Author Jamie Kern Lima to discuss her newest book, WORTHY. 

Jamie’s story is so amazing, it’s almost unbelievable. She started a cosmetics company in her garage and went on to sell it to L’Oréal for over $1.2 billion dollars. And at the peak of having it all, she found herself wondering, “is this it?” That started her on a journey from self-confidence to exploring self-worth and its ability to take you places nothing else can. If you’ve ever struggled with self-doubt, felt like you don’t have what it takes… or that who you truly are isn’t enough, even if you’re really good at hiding it from the world, WORTHY is for you. 

In today’s conversation, we discuss why she decided to donate all author profits from the sales of this book to charity, the difference between self-confidence and self-worth, how to change your relationship with failure and rejection, and why building unshakable self-worth raises the proverbial ceiling in every aspect in your life. We also tease that a certain host of this podcast is featured in the book – after you read it we want you to tell us where you found me. 

I always get so much energy from speaking with Jamie, and her energy for WORTHY is very apparent as we talk about this essential book. 

Be sure to pick up WORTHY wherever books are sold! 

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