From Overcoming Addiction to Becoming Kobe Bryant + Michael Jordan’s Mindfulness Coach

One of the best mindfulness coaches in the world, George Mumford discusses sobriety and addiction, his love for philosophy, and “the alarming possibility of being able.” George is renowned for his work with professional athletes Kobe Bryant and Micheal Jordan, who credit him for transforming their on-court leadership. From former head coach Phil Jackson and players from the legendary championship Chicago Bulls teams in the 90s, George has worked with countless athletes, Olympians, executives, and artists over the decades. Novus Global coaches Jason Jaggard and Dan Leffelaar talk with George about how creating space between stimulus and response can slow down the perceptual process to help anyone in the moment. George shares compelling stories about the false narrative of self-doubt that causes people to accept negative thoughts rather than investigate their validity. The trio discusses Tom Brady’s short-lived retirement, and Jason opines why he prefers Star Trek over Star Wars.

–George Mumford’s book – The Mindful Athlete
–All the Smoke, podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson

–The Mandolorian, television series

Learn more about George: | YouTube: At Home With George | Online Course: The Mindful Athlete Secret to Pure Performance | MasterClass: Dealing with Anxiety As The World Re-Opens

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