Turning Company Culture Conversations Into Action, with Lucas Ballasy

Lucas Ballasy is a writer, musician, and Partner / Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Barrel, an e-commerce agency working with brands to grow their businesses through website design, development, and optimization. Joining Barrel as a designer nearly a decade ago, Lucas has helped shape the agency’s structure and service offering while continually seeking innovative ways to collaborate with clients and help them succeed. Lucas has written over 300+ posts about his journey leading an agency team, personal growth, and other life experiences on his blog, lucasballasy.com. For over two years, he has also sent a weekly newsletter called Borrowed, Learned, & Thought (or BL&T) where he explores insights, ideas, and lessons learned.

In this episode we discuss how to turn great company culture brainstorm ideas into actual action; what from Lucas’ grocery store job stuck with him into this agency career; Chris and Novus’ training with Barrel evolved into Lucas getting one-on-one coaching from Chris–him wanting to becoming a better manager, and more


An Everyone Culture by Robert Kegan

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey

The Joy of Selling by Steve Chandler

Learn more about Lucas: newsletter | http://www.lucasballasy.com | http://www.barrelny.com/ | Twitter: @lucasjballasy | IG: @balast_

Novus Global is a tribe of elite executive coaches who work with Fortune 500 Companies, Professional Athletes, World Renowned Artists and Business Leaders to create lives, teams and companies that go beyond high-performance.

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